De Pont Challenge

Client: Submarine Channel

Date: 25 april 2016


This assignment was part of a 3 week project where we had to make a game about the ferry that goes from and to Amsterdam-North.
My part is this project, in addition to being the project leader, was mostly graphic design and animation.

The cinematic consists out of 4 scenes. Below is a run-down of the layers used in the scenes.

The programmes I  used:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Cinema 4D

Scene 1:


Scene 2:


Scene 3:


Scene 4:


The ship is a render of a 3d model that I have used in Cinema4d

Every frame is a seperate png image that has been put together to create motion


The Project is over! I thought i’d be relieved that it was over but somehow I would not have minded working on it for a few extra weeks. The working atmosphere was just great and we all had stuff to do. We liked most of it and it did not feel like a chore. There have been small issues here and there but nothing we couldn’t solve. after all, these little problems gave us insight in how we could even further improve our desired end result.

Creating a playable game in 3 weeks is a big thing (combined with transmedia implementation). Even more so because we had no previous experience in making a game from scratch.
The game we have now is in its early stages and can be considered a pre-alpha build, but in my opinion it shows our vision, our ideas and our enthusiastic spirit. We could have taken the easy road by creating something less impressive but we didn’t.

I am very proud of the group and myself.

Peace out!peace-emoji



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